Through God’s Lens


Isn’t it funny how we see ourselves as this dirty pair of worn out sneakers, but God sees us as brand new, white and clean as snow. If we start seeing ourselves as he does, we can learn to love … Read More

Full Hearts > Full Bellies


Tomorrow people all over the country will be gathering around the table with loved ones, stuffing themselves with tasty food, and expressing “attitudes of gratitude.”  Thanksgiving is so much more than turkey or a “Be Thankful” graphic tee. Don’t get … Read More

Rest and Be Still


Many people struggle with resting and being still. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, man or woman. Some of us have a hard time resting and just being still. When I was a young mom, resting … Read More

Unity for a Greater Purpose


Have you felt it? Have you felt the tension that is occurring amongst believers in Christ? Have you felt the elephants (yes, there are more than one) in the room lately? Have you felt the division that has slowly been … Read More

He Is Near


Anxiety is identified as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease. One in five adults are affected by an anxiety disorder, and women are twice as likely to have anxiety disorders than men. I’m not going to lie, this week … Read More

A Fresh Start


August always feels like a fresh start. I know many people feel that in January, but the beginning of the school year truly feels brand new. I live in a college town with new faces pouring in this time of … Read More

Complete Reliance on Christ

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Seasons pass by quickly and as summer fades to fall we may be faced with new challenges and daily tasks. Some may have children going to new grade levels, entering school for the first time, or are choosing to homeschool. … Read More

The Tool Box


Have you ever determined that you were going to fix something yourself? I am not mechanical in any way and it would be a complete and utter lie to say I was. However, to say that I am stubborn is … Read More

What Job Taught Me


How often have you wondered “God, where are you?” or maybe even “God, what did I do to deserve this?” I know there have been times of suffering in my life where I’ve found myself asking similar questions. As much … Read More