Unity for a Greater Purpose

Have you felt it? Have you felt the tension that is occurring amongst believers in Christ? Have you felt the elephants (yes, there are more than one) in the room lately? Have you felt the division that has slowly been creeping in over the last year and a half? Have you felt the awkwardness in conversations? Have you felt the … Read More

Complete Reliance on Christ

Seasons pass by quickly and as summer fades to fall we may be faced with new challenges and daily tasks. Some may have children going to new grade levels, entering school for the first time, or are choosing to homeschool. Others are starting new jobs, entering the workforce, or retiring. Some may be in a period of intense grief or … Read More

The Tool Box

Have you ever determined that you were going to fix something yourself? I am not mechanical in any way and it would be a complete and utter lie to say I was. However, to say that I am stubborn is the complete and utter truth. My stove knob needed fixed. I soon found the stove make and model and realized … Read More

God’s Timeline

Are you the type of person who has a five-year plan? Maybe you have it all planned out: fall in love, start your dream job, get married, buy the house, start a family. Sounds like the perfect life, right? But wait, that relationships did not work out, you didn’t get into your dream school, that house costs how much? Life … Read More

Candy-Coated Lies

Hard times will come. A few weeks ago, I woke up in pain and feeling exhausted. This was not unique as many mornings have started this way over the last few months. My chronic health issues have been in an intense flare, and I have dealt with lingering effects from Covid since late fall. All of that combined made it … Read More

Cords of Hope

When you think of a cord, what comes to mind? Is it a telephone cord? (Then you are my age.) Could it be a computer cord? (You might be in your 30s.) How about the cord to charge your smart phone? (That may cover all of us!) Why I even have to plug in the cord to make my lamp … Read More

Never Abandoned

It’s funny how in a second your day can turn completely around. A couple weeks ago my sons were on spring break and my husband and I had taken them out for a family day full of hiking, beautiful weather, and Chic-fil-a. I mean, come on, what more could you ask for??? We were driving back home when we passed … Read More

Perfect Love

Lately, I have been pondering on what it would look like to live a life completely rooted in the perfect love of Christ. I realize, the earthly me won’t ever fully comprehend just how high , how wide and how deep God’s love for me is. But, with that being said, one thing that I have come to learn over … Read More


We love to hear success stories and read self-help books written by people who have “made it through” something difficult, but it’s hard to write about something when you feel like you’re still in the middle of it. However, I know I’ve gained so much from people who let me see them in the middle of their “mess,” so I … Read More

The Word Became Flesh: Thoughts on the Incarnation

The Incarnation is a miracle that demands our awe but we often fail to grasp the wonder of the embodiment of deity in the person of Jesus Christ. Christmas comes and goes and we are left dissatisfied and exhausted, or at the very least feeling a failure for our inability to keep up with the demands of the season, probably … Read More