Pick Up Your Bible, Put Down Your Phone


The last few months have been hard. I’ve felt the weight and the tension of everything going on in our nation and have foundmyself feeling sad and anxious because of it. I’m not sure if you’re like me, but when there is a lot of pain … Read More

Fix Your Eyes


Do you remember the character from the Charlie Brown series that was called “Pig Pen”? He seemed to have somewhat of a smile on his face and smudges of dirt all over his clothes and face. He also had a … Read More

Finding Freedom In Being Unqualified


Fireworks, food & freedom were the anthem for many Americans this past weekend as we celebrated our 244th Independence Day. People referenced the bald eagle more than usual, broke out the stars & stripes outfits, and enjoyed days with family … Read More

Choosing Love When I Am Weary

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I don’t know about you, but often for me, in seasons of weariness, stretching or overcoming, I find myself camping in a couple of Bible verses and staying there until the Spirit leads me on. I’m grateful for His leading, … Read More

Combating Comparison


One of the perks of having a sister, especially a fashionable one, is the benefit of receiving hand-me-downs.  If you were to look inside my closet, you would find that my wardrobe mostly consists of clothes my sister once wore.  … Read More

Filling Truth for Hungry Souls


I’m going to be honest. This stay at home order has been hard on me. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a social butterfly. I thrive off social interaction. I miss coffee dates, I miss family gatherings, I miss … Read More

Abiding Joy? Really??


Private worlds are swirling with circumstances that defy explanation. And now we can also add Covid-19 to the mix. It is still surreal to me. The world as we know it fills the evening reports with disheartening news about the … Read More

Hope For A New Normal


I hope this finds each of you healthy amidst this time of quarantine. I can’t help but hope that each of you is sitting in comfy pajamas as you read this, because let’s be honest, I sure have been rocking … Read More