Meet The Team


Casey Rolape

Founder and President of Worth the Risk

Casey Rolape is the Founder and President of Worth the Risk. She has been married to her husband, Michael, for almost thirteen years. Together, they have the privilege and honor of caring for their four children: Will, Ben, Emmie, and Hux.

Some of Casey’s favorite things include her family, friends, lots of coffee, playing volleyball and spike ball, authentic conversations, a good Netflix series (while cuddled up next to her husband), writing and speaking for the glory of God, and seeing her Creator move in the hearts of women.


Brittney Dillon

Coordinator of Worship and Events

Hey guys! My name is Brittney Dillon and I’m so glad you’re here. I live in the small midwestern town of Carterville, Illinois with my husband Ryan and our four beautiful children Jeff, Myklyn, Maddox, and Maxton. I desire that every woman know who she is in Christ and that this realization would change them forever. I’m an encourager by nature and I pray I can help in some way to cheer you on today.

Most of my days are spent doing “mom things” and honestly, I love it. I love watching my kiddos play sports, homeschooling my son, hosting birthday parties, cooking with my family, and having family dance offs (or maybe a sing off, just depends on what kind of mood we’re in!) When I’m not mommin’ it up I love having date nights with my husband, drinking ALL THE COFFEE, and doing all the girly things! Because our days are so full, we often have a messy house - but we have a home full of love and that’s ok with me!


Mary Carter

Marketing Director

Mary and her husband Cohen have been married for two and a half years. They have two sweet dogs, Zeke and June, and two (sometimes) sweet outdoor cats, Butters and Cuzko.

Mary’s favorite things are her family and friends, being outdoors, playing pickleball and riding her Peloton, a warm cup of coffee or tea and a good book, encouraging others, singing worship songs, cooking a yummy meal (and her famous chocolate chip cookies), and just being in community with others and making new friends. She loves seeing how God moves into our hearts and changes us from the inside out. She wants to use her talents for God’s Kingdom and make everyone feel loved, seen, and valued.


Sarah Ralls

Creative Manager

Oh man, where to start… I’ve been “artsy” since a very young age. I’ve loved photography since I was a teenager. I took random college classes for video and web design. My full time job at Cornerstone Church allows me to use all these skills to help people follow Jesus. I’m thankful to be a part of the Worth The Risk team as we learn how to connect a community of godly women who want to take steps outside their comfort zones as we follow Jesus.