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Workshop Wednesday (Week 1): False Identity

Identity is the starting point to living a life of purpose. Because of this, it is imperative that we are able to differentiate who we are and who we are not.

Let’s start with who we are not.....

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

“The enemy only comes to steal, kill and destroy......” John 10:10

Satan comes after us hard and fast in his efforts to steal and devour our identity, for He knows those who are rooted in truth are dangerous to his cause. Therefore, he is going to use any and every opportunity to trick us into believing we are something we are not, keeping us chained to shame, fear, doubt and uncertainty.


Satan is the ultimate fictitious story-teller or “liar.” His stories consist of only false narratives. Chapter after chapter he writes of identities being tied to our failures, shortcomings and things that have happened to us that are outside our control.

His stories go something like this:

You are worthless because your mom left you when you were little.

You are damaged goods because you got pregnant in high school.

You are unlovable because your husband left you for another woman.

God must be punishing you because you can’t have children.

Satan’s story for you might look a bit different from the above, but that doesn’t change the fact that he has one for you, too. Today, with the help of the Lord, exchange those false narratives with the positive story God has already written for you.

The Comparison Trap

One of the biggest purpose-stealers is comparison. It is one of Satan’s traps to keep us from stepping into the unique roles God has written for us. Satan knows that when we keep our eyes fixed on others, our eyes are no longer fully fixed on Jesus and His calling for us. Think about it - when trying to focus your physical eyes on two things at once, your vision can become blurry and distorted. (I know you want to try this now, so you have my permission to pause for 10 seconds to try.) The same is true with your spiritual eyes. When you set your eyes on other people while also trying to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, things become out-of-focus, making it hard to distinguish lies from truth and distractions from purposes.

Because of my own struggles and my time spent around other women, I know that comparison is one of Satan’s main tactics in his pursuit of our identity. He knows that when we compare our abilities to those of other people, inadequacy, jealousy, inferiority, envy and pride soon follow. False identity then takes shape based on how we do or don’t measure up to those we have our eyes fixed on.

But here’s the thing.…….There are no two people alike. As much as God has made us unique on the outside, He has also done so on the inside. He has given us different abilities, spiritual gifts, passions, and dreams which lead to unique purposes (which we will come back to later). This is why when we look at another runner in the race, we never compare. AND THAT IS OK, because we weren’t meant to! God uniquely created us for our unique purposes. It is when we are looking side-to-side instead of straight-ahead that we are in danger of missing those purposes.

As we walk out this Jesus-focused life, there are more than enough battles to fight. Battling each other is not a fight God wants us to fight, nor is it worth our time or effort. We are to encourage the sister in the lane next to us, not trip her up.

Friend, let’s not waist anymore time believing the narratives of Satan. Instead, let’s call them out for what they are: lies.

Go Deeper

1. How have you let your failures, shortcomings and things that have happened to you that were outside your control define your identity?

2. What stories about your identity have you convinced yourself to be true based on your answers above? (Take some time here. This question is important!)

3. In what ways has comparison birthed feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, inferiority, envy, and pride in your own life?

4. In what ways has comparison led you to believing you are something you are not?

Cheering You On!

Casey Rolape

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