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Finding Surrender

I recently had the most amazing meeting with God. Danielle a year ago would have thought what I am about to share was crazy, but today, I see it as God’s goodness!

Throughout several years of my life, my relationship with Christ has been tumultuous at best. From a young child in the Catholic church to youth group at a Baptist church to completely denying my faith in Him, I have experienced many highs and lows throughout my faith journey. Yet here I sit about to tell you of my meeting with my Holy Father because, despite the years of weakness and brokenness, He has always remained faithful. What an amazing God He is!

Life lately has been hard, to say the least. My family and I have been going through a really difficult season for about 18 months. I know we aren’t the only ones experiencing difficulties because living in this world is hard! For us, these last several weeks have especially been challenging as my patience is starting to wear and I recently received some less favorable news which has fostered tension and anxiety inside of me. Typically, in these situations, I find myself with the urge to fly off the handle and become a recluse. But instead of choosing a lack of self-control and hiding, I met with God.

I wanted to ask Him why I didn’t get the news I wanted, why He let my car break down, and some more “whys”, but instead, I decided to trust in Him, knowing He meets us in the mess and what we are experiencing to be painful and broken moments, He redeems and restores for His glory and our good.

So instead of asking all the “whys”, I gave him praise for closing the doors despite my desire for them to be opened and thanked Him for His provision and protection. “I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth” (Psalm 34:1 ESV). My tears of fear, anger, and doubt turned into tears of joy, gratitude, and reassurance. Not because of my efforts, but because of the inner workings of the Holy Spirit. And the same God who ministered to me longs to do the same for you! He wants to take your fears and anxieties and replace them with peace and joy.

Keep seeking Him. Keep immersing yourself in Scripture. Keep surrendering what is not yours to carry, and instead, give it to Jesus where it belongs. God’s got this!

Danielle Bullington is a mortgage professional of nearly 20 years and has been married to her husband Mike since 2011, though he has gracefully entertained her antics since 2005. They were blessed with a daughter, Piper, in 2021 and are completely obsessed with their canine child, Layla, who has been in the family for over a decade. Danielle loves spending time with her family, going for drives and exploring. They are a very musical family and enjoy listening to and performing music together. She is currently attending Colorado Christian University studying sales and marketing with hopes to use her degree to grow her mortgage business and glorify God in her community and life.

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