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Hope For A New Normal

I hope this finds each of you healthy amidst this time of quarantine. I can’t help but hope that each of you is sitting in comfy pajamas as you read this, because let’s be honest, I sure have been rocking mine lately!!

As we are faced with everything happening related to Covid-19, it has caused me to think about what really matters.

I have been wondering if God might not want us to return to normal life. He might use this time of quarantine and social distancing as a reset opportunity for us. It’s clear in Scripture that God works all things together for the good of His people.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

Can we trust that? Can we give ourselves over to the idea that He might use this terrible illness to work out many wonderful things in His people?

Many people are suddenly at home. Most schedules have come to a screeching halt. There is suddenly a copious amount of a commodity that usually feels like there is never enough – TIME. But, how do we make the most of it? How do we turn off our fear, anxiety, and complaining long enough to hear from our Father?

The first step would be to run to Him. Seek His Truth in scripture and ask Him to prioritize our lives in a way that truly honors Him. I am convinced that the more we know of His unchanging character and begin to grasp how much the Father loves us, the more our lives will be focused on the things of eternity.

What would our perfect Father gently tell you is most important?

I know it’s not my possessions, my weight, my money, my intelligence, my appearance, my success, or my house. I am never going to look back as a 90 year old and wish I weighed 5 pounds less in my 30s or spent more time cleaning my house or comparing myself to others or getting recognition or worrying about things out of my control. Will the things our mind runs to now even matter in 50 years? What about in 1,000?

What will I see when I look back on my life as I age? I’ll tell you what I want to see.

I want to see that I left behind a legacy of true trust in Jesus. I want to see that I honored my husband and cherished each stage with my beautiful children. I want to see that I lived a life of JOY without letting little things so quickly alter my mood. I want to see that I was patient and not anxious. I want to see that I laughed so much more than I complained. I want to see my daughters (and many generations past them) surrounded by laughter and love and worship of the King. I want to think back and see many people that I was able to love, pray for, serve, and point to Jesus. I want to see a house that might not have been perfect, but was open for people to come and was safe for all who did. I want to see a woman that forgave quickly and moved on without bitterness. I want to see that I counted on the Truth of the Bible for everything. I want to look back and see that I went slow enough to actually enjoy the amazing life He gave me. I want to see that His way was way more important to me than my way. I want so much to see a woman that knows the true importance of prayer. I want to see that I worshiped Him no matter my circumstances or feelings.

So, if that’s what I want to look back on when I am 90, then I guess it would only make sense to focus on those things now, at 37. Lord knows I need help because there are many holes in that description right now.

What would you like to see when you look back on your life? What do you need to ask God to change? What do you need to tell the people you love and where do you need to ask forgiveness? What do you need to teach your children? What have you made an idol? In what ways does your calendar need to be permanently changed? How does your heart posture need to shift?

The absolute best news is that Jesus died for all our failures and is interceding on our behalf. God is forgiving and abounding in steadfast love for those that put their trust in Him. He never grows weary or tired. He never feels rushed or too busy. He is never anxious or confused. He wants to help, always. Let’s make the best of this quarantine and ask God to never let us return to normal.

Let’s not rush and ache to get back to normal. I pray that each of us spends time asking Him to work in our hearts and seek out what our new, better normal should look like when this passes. A normal that is full of peace and joyful obedience.  A normal that is full of things that will matter for all eternity.

Michelle Mohr lives in Carbondale with her husband of almost 17 years and two amazing daughters (age 11 & 13). She is a former 3rd grade teacher that now stays at home teaching her girls. Things don’t look much like she had planned, and as it turns out, God’s plan has been so much better. Her life is full with family, dinner guests, reading with her girls, friends, serving at Vine Church, baking, good books, and lots of laughing with her main man. She is especially passionate about living her life with joy, raising children, encouraging other mommas, seeing God’s unchanging character in all of Scripture, and regularly talking about the Bible with other women. She continues to be amazed at how God keeps on pursuing her even through her flaws and shortcomings. She hopes to be able to share something here at Worth The Risk to remind women of the unwavering goodness of the Father.

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